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"...fast, on time, and handled our entire retail signs projects from design to the store window. Truly a white glove experience for 30+ locations."
Retail Director , Rawlings
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Retail Displays & Signage

State & Lake Retail understands the importance of getting your brand noticed at retail. We offer a wide range of retail signage and retail store fixtures, whether it is a  clothing racks, cardboard displays or even simple sale signs. We help get your brand noticed.  

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With over 25 years of experience in the point-of-purchase display industry, we help our clients create the perfect balance for their retail environment. We take pride in helping our clients choose the right display fixtures to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for their products in retail stores. 

At State & Lake Retail, we know that well-placed retail fixtures, display stands, freestanding shelving, and sign holders, are critical for determining customer traffic flow. 

Retail display and signage company, we provide our clients with the right tools to make the most of their sales space and enhance their profitability. Weather it’s a single retail location or one hundred.

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Stand Out From The Crowd

You only have 3 seconds to grab the consumers attention, make it count. Draw attention with retail fixtures and signage. When selecting a display, it's important to choose one that fits your store's look and feel and matches your brand's aesthetic.

Custom retail store signs plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of customers and enhancing brand visibility. Whether it's strategically placed indoors or outdoors, retail signage serves as a powerful marketing tool. Retail signs act as silent salespeople, conveying key messages, promotions, and brand identity to potential customers. With various sign holders available, businesses can effectively showcase their in-store signage, ensuring maximum exposure within their store.

From eye-catching window displays to informative aisle markers, custom store signs helps guide and inform shoppers, enhancing their overall experience. Additionally, outdoor signage creates a strong first impression, attracting passersby and inviting them into the store with vinyl banners. By incorporating captivating graphics, vibrant colors, and compelling content, custom retail signage serves as a powerful means of communication, ultimately driving customer engagement and increasing sales.

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We understand that the sales floor is the most important space in any commercial environment, and with the ever-changing technology, almost any retail location can bring in revenue from customer transactions. However, even with the latest digital accessories, it's difficult to make or close deals without an actual point of sale. It becomes even harder if customers cannot locate or interact with the merchandise.

We help brands capture customer attention in retail stores. Our solutions are designed to increase sales and customer interaction, ensuring that our clients achieve their desired outcomes.


Why State & Lake Retail

With 25 years of experience, understand the challenges of retail marketing. Retail branding is a strategy that makes your product in store match your experience online and attracts customers.

We know that good retail branding can make a big difference in whether people choose to purchase your product or not. We work with brands to develop strategies and design displays that make their products and stores look great.

  • We also value dedication and collaboration, which means we work together as a team, embrace diversity, and foster creativity to help each other succeed.

  • Professionalism and integrity are important to us. We always behave ethically, honestly, and reliably, and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

  • We have a data-driven mindset, which means we use data to challenge the status quo and find better ways to help our clients grow.

  • Customer satisfaction is key for us. We work hard to delight every customer and bring their projects to life.

  • We believe in delivering high-quality work that inspires customer confidence and makes us proud of what we do.

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“When we need retail signs fast and done right, we know state & lake have it taken care of...”
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Mark K.
GM of D-Bat
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The team is great and fast! We have our second project in the works!
Sara T.
VP of Bright Marketing
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